My mom used to tell me, talk when you need to, so I decided to write this article because I feel that I need to. 😊
If the lungs had a voice would often be very cheery and happy. If they are quiet and seem like they are hiding then it is because their owner is storing a lot of grief, old sorrow, anxiety or depression, even suppressed fears.
If sadness and grief is stored for long periods of time then it can physically cause a great deal of physical discomfort. The lungs are signaling to you that you need to deal with your stuff.
When a person feels sad, the lungs often tighten-up. When the person feels scared, the lungs also tighten-up and feel squeezed. When the person feels angry the breaths become shallow. Even depression can add stress and strain to lungs. People store their grief and fear in the lungs.
As a practitioner I meet many clients with different problems and we always try to find the root cause of the problems and heal the body that way.
To get there to have physical manifestation to certain sicknesses the body has to go through many stages and when there is no solution to the problem emotionally then it shows a physical appearance to remind us that we need to do something about the situations we are in, to help the body to heal.
Find a way to work on yourself, now it is the time to start thinking what things are in your life that do not serve you any longer. It could be any material things that you do not need or feelings such as anger, anxiety, depression etc.
I decided to do online Kinesiology sessions to help people find inner peace and harmony.
If you would like to talk to me, send me a message and we can organize an online appointment and I will try to help you. I do not want anyone to feel lonely or lost in these difficult times. Let’s help each with the abilities we have in hand.
God bless you all.

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