How to overcome depression?

Depression can wreak the ability to experience and maintain intimacy within relationships. Being depressed can illicit feelings of worthlessness; depression can affect moods, thoughts and behaviours, and even physical health. A common impact of depression is feeling lost or numb, so the depressed becomes disconnected from their inner self, and when we can’t connect to ourselves, naturally it becomes challenging to connect with others.
I would like to share some tips how to overcome depression
1. Identify what triggers depression. If people can find the experience which triggered depression, they can start working on it
2. See what symptoms are experienced. Low self-esteem, unable to cope with daily routine, feeling numb, avoiding interactions and events with family and friends.
3. Identify what can help to feel better. Go for a walk, listen to music, do meditation, dance…
If someone’s depression has reached a point whereby it is getting really difficult to handle then they should consider getting in touch with someone who has experience in helping people with depression. Depression becomes a problem when it is hard to control and interferes with people’s quality of life.

Depression is something which with the right techniques and some work can be very reversable. It is something which built up over time and it will also take time to deconstruct.

I have seen clients overcoming their depression. If they could do it you can too.
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It is never too late to change. The power is within you.


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